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Interesting Article – “Breaking Up With Porn” by Jarrid Wilson

Pornography is a serious issue. It’s not one that’s talked about nearly as much as it needs to be. Often it gets lumped into the wide topic of Sexual Immorality without being discussed individually on the same level pre-marital sex and homosexuality. Surprisingly enough, men aren’t the only ones who struggle with pornography anymore, although it still is a sexual sin men deal with more than women. Jarrid Wilson writes a short article with stats and advice to help christians break up with their pornography addiction. Here’s an excerpt (Read the full article here)

Here are some stats:

– 54% of Christians said they had watched pornographic material within the last year. (survey from pastors.com)

– 47% of Christian households said that porn is a struggle in their household. (2003 focus on the family survey)

Pretty crazy, huh?

Jarrid Wilson goes on to list 5 methods to help you on your struggle. One of the biggest (and often most ignored) weapons in your fight is ACCOUNTABILITY. Let’s face it – you aren’t alone. But satan wants you to feel that you are so that he can pick at your faith, self confidence and self esteem. This is an incredibly difficult journey to embark on that is exponentially harder if you try to do it alone. Talk to someone you trust. Have that person block/monitor the sites you visit. You have to be honest to beat your pornography addiction, and you have to stay in your word.

For those struggling with it, I’ll be transparent enough to say that it’s something I’ve struggled with since I was a teenager. Over time, I’ve gotten better (by the grace of God), but there are still times when I fall. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. But know this, God is greater. Greater than your struggles and your enemy. Greater than your doubts and your failures. He’s already provided you with the power to beat this thing. You can, and will, break up with pornography.

For all those out their struggling, I’m praying for you. Did Jarrid Wilson’s tips help out? How do you feel about the stats he gave? Weigh in.

~Signing Off

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