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Positive Audio/Video of the Week (2.18.13 – 2.24.13) – One Sixteen Remix by AJ (@AJ_Raps), Phresh Air (@DMVPhreshAir), and Haelo (@Haelo)

A few DOPE CHH artists and myself got together and remixed the popular Trip Lee song “One Sixteen”. We’ve been getting great feedback on it, and just recently topped 1,000 views. Check it out!

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POSITIVE AUDIO/VIDEO OF THE WEEK (2.11.13 – 2.17.13) – Q&A with Tim Keller – Reason for God? Belief in an Age of Skepticism (Discussion forum)

My friend and fellow Gospel Hip-Hop artist Phresh Air posted this video a while back, and I must say, it’s an awesome video. For those who have wondered how to handle questions pertaining to Christianity (especially questions coming from non-believers), I believe Tim Keller sets a good example. His answers are honest, and he admits when he doesn’t know, but he also handles the questions graciously as possible. This is a long video (Hour and 24 minutes), but it’s worth it, even if you can play it while you’re working. Check it out!

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