Case of the Mondays…

First off…CONGRATS TO THE BALTIMORE RAVENS AND THEIR FANS! You guys earned it. You fought your way through an amazing postseason. You guys plated a heck of a game and pulled out the trophy (though I definitely thought there should have been a holding call on 4th and goal).

Didn’t have a Friday Randomness last week. Just wasn’t one of those Fridays where the randomness was flowing. Didn’t pick my SB team until Sunday, either (picked the 49ers, and lost, bringing me to 1-2 all time). So there’s that…

I’m working on an article that addresses the “Christian rappers vs Rappers that are Christian label” argument that’s ben going on in CHH (Christian Hip-Hop). Hope to have that ready and up soon.

Until then, I’ll be posting a new Positive A/V of the Week, and I’m working on an album review for Da Truth’s “Love, Hope, War”. Make sure you check out the Album Review for Sho Baraka’s “Talented Xth”!


~ Signing Off

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