Friday Randomness Volume 2

Not to much randomness today, but let’s do this. Enter Random picture.


1. Totally underestimated the Ravens so far in this postseason. Buutttttt, since I have another week to make a decision, I’ll hold off on the Super Bowl pick. So far, I’m 1-1 in picks. And no, I don’t pick any other sport but Football. Except for basketball. During the playoffs.

2. Men and women alike, don’t fall into relationship cycles that will destroy your relationships. Men need respect from their women. Women need love and affection from their men. Communication is key here. Guys, women won’t understand won’t always understand why you’d rather play Nba2k than watch a movie with them. Women, guys can NOT read your minds. So communicate your thoughts and feelings, and be willing to compromise.

3. Sho Baraka’s “Talented Xth” album? Amazing. Check out the album review I took the time to put together with great detail. Yup, track-by-track breakdown. Every song. Gonna keep guilting you into reading it. Just playing lol. But seriously…

4. It’s SNOWING! Got some snow angels to make.

That’s all I have today. Here’s what to look forward to next week.

– The first installment of Positive A/V of the Week (Didn’t make it up last week)

– A Poem Posting

– Friday Randomness Volume 3

Have fun this weekend, my good people! Enjoy the snow if you have it. If you don’t have snow, here…


 You’re welcome lol.

~ Signing off


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