Friday Randomness Volume 1

Oh. My. Yes. The randomness has kicked off ladies and gents. Let’s just dive right into it. Yes, even the picture is random.

1. One of the things I’ve learned over the last few years is that peace is found in Christ alone. People fail us. Money is spent. Relationships can sour and end. But we work so hard trying to hold onto temporary things that we can’t control. Operating in faith means that you’re giving everything up to the Father; a perfect Savior who has show He’s more than able time and time again. Hold on to your own burdens and find stress, depression and fleeting joy. Give your burdens to Christ and find peace, love, and joy.

2. You can find out a lot about someone by asking them random questions when you first meet them (although, admittedly, they may look at you like you have 3 eyes). Yesterday, I asked a student I just met would she rather have a wild elephant or a wild pelican (true story), and her answer shocked me. After some thought, she said that she would prefer an elephant because you can really ride a pelican, and if her animal decided to run away, at least she could find an elephant. Most interesting answer I got that night. And if you read that last sentence and said to yourself, “Why, that last sentence implies that he asked plenty of random questions to a group a  of teens giving introductions to break the ice!”, you’re either a certified detective-genius or you were there and you’re kind of cheating at this point. Not really. Maybe a little.

3. Patriots 31, Ravens 21. Ravens shocked the world (and me) when they beat the Broncos last week. They won’t catch me by surprise this week if they upset the Patriots. The fact is that Brady won’t make the mistakes that Manning made last week. With the Patriots ability to put up 40 points in basically any game, you get the feeling that they’ll outgun the Ravens early. That takes Ray Rice out of the game, and NO – Flacco can’t beat Brady.

4. Love and War by Tamar Braxton is a CATCHY song. Her first few lines got me thinking though. So many people go into relationships and even marriages thinking that everything will be sunny skies and skittle-flavored cupcakes. That’s the COMPLETE opposite. Relationships that last take WORK from both sides. You have to be willing to compromise and communicate. You have to make room in your life to let the other person in. When you say “I Do”, you’re committing to working THROUGH problems, not saying that you’re through when they show up.

5. It is extremely clear that John Wall was sorely missed by the Wizards. Welcome back, my good sir.

6. 49ers 24, Falcons 17. Is anybody confident in the Falcons after watching them almost give the game back against the Seahawks? Didn’t really think so. However, the real question is which 49ers team are we going to see. San Fran has been wildly inconsistent, going from world beaters one week to a practice squad team the next (remember when they played the Seahawks?). But, all in all, I think we see the same 49ers we saw last week. This team looks focused.

7. Had a BLAST on “The Music Box” last night! Thank you for all those who tuned in! Much love to Logic Da Teacher for bringing me on. We’re doing it again soon!

Ok, I think I’m done. Here’s what to look forward to next week.

– Album Review: Sho Baraka’s “Talented Xth”

– The first installment of Positive A/V of the Week

– Friday Randomness Volume 2

Have a blast this weekend, my good people!

~ Signing off


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