Who is Haelo? (insert epic thiller music here)

Me. Well, that’s the obvious answer. Funny thing is, it’s also the more complex one. I never want to be someone that rocks a stage but never shows his true colors. So on this blog, I wanna take a very refreshing second to Just. Be. Me. Open and transparent. I’m not perfect, and I never want to give that illusion. I can’t tell you how handcuffed one can feel by an “image”, so this is me sticking it to myself in order to be myself.

Don’t get it confused – I’m not some Dr.Jekyll/Mr.Hyde type character that lives for Christ on stage and does the complete opposite in life. Nor do I do whatever I please and then all-of-a-sudden put on my “Get Saved” superhero costume when God calls like my life is some weird, spiritual Batman comic book. But I do have interests outside of music. I do enjoy having conversations outside of the deep, thought-provoking, life-changing topics. And, sometimes I just wanna bare my soul, standing arms open out in the open for the world to see…metaphorically speaking. But, I’ll just be me. Typos, geek moments, randomness and all. But for the record, I believe that God uses me either way. This isn’t a detachment from God in ANY way. He is the reason I’m alive. Period. Even through my flaws, my heart is one that wants to serve him. But, I’m human, and if you get nothing else from this blog, I want it to be that GOD USES ANYONE, INCLUDING AN UNDESERVING, SINFUL PERSON LIKE ME.

So consider this an unveiling. No curtains, no persona. Just truth and realness. That’s the goal. Like a spiritual window, I can’t show the Son to you if I’m not open or transparent (haha, metaphors for days). So, you’re going to find out a lot about me, and prayerfully, I get to find out a lot about you. Looking forward to this journey we’ll go on together.

~ Outty


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